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Using Skin Configuration Elements in trinidad-skins.xml


Using Skin Configuration Elements in trinidad-skins.xml

You can use the following tags in this file:

<id>: This value will be used if you want to reference your skin in an EL expression. For example, if you want to have different skins for different locales, you can create an EL expression that will select the correct skin based on its ID.

<family>: You configure an application to use a particular family of skins. This allows you to group skins together for an application, based on the render kit used.

<extends>: You extend a custom skin by using this element. The default value for this element is simple. However, you can extend any skin that you want by using this element. Note that to extend a skin, you use the skin’s ID, such as blaf­plus-rich.desktop, and not the family name.

<render-kit-id>: This value determines which render kit to use for the skin. You can enter one of the following:

org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.desktop: The skin will automatically be used when the application is rendered on a desktop.

org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.pda: The skin will be used when rendered on a PDA.