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Skinning Versus CSS (continued)

Standard: In CSS, pseudo-classes such as :hover, :active, and :focus are considered states of the component. This same concept is used in skinning components. Components can have states such as read-only or disabled. When combined in the same selector, the selector applies only when all the states are satisfied.

Right to left: Sets a style or icon definition when the browser is in a right-to-left language. Another typical use case is asymmetrical images. When you set skin selectors that use the image in a right-to-left reading direction, you may want the image to be flipped. Use the .rtl pseudo-class appended to the end of the selector.

Inline editing: Is applied when the application activates a component subtree for editing in the browser. For example, :inline-selected is a pseudo-class applied to components in the active inline-editable subtree that are currently selected.

Message: Sets component-level message styles using CSS pseudo-classes of :fatal, :error, :warning, :confirmation, and :info