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Skinning Versus CSS


Skinning Versus CSS

Style sheet rules include a style selector, which identifies an element, and a set of style properties, which describe the component’s appearance. ADF Faces components include two categories of skin style selectors:

Global selectors: They determine the style properties for multiple ADF Faces components.

Component selectors: They can be used to skin a particular ADF Faces component.

The CSS specification defines pseudo-classes such as :hover and :active that can apply to almost every component. ADF Faces provides additional pseudo-classes for specialized functions. Pseudo-classes are denoted in the selector by a colon followed by the class definition. The following are common pseudo-classes used by ADF Faces style selectors:

Alias: The :alias pseudo-class sets styles for more than one component or more than one portion of a component. You can create your own alias classes that you can then include on other selectors.

Drag and drop: Two pseudo-classes are available including :drag-source, which is applied to the component to initiate the drag and removed after the drag is over, and :drop-target, which is applied to a component that is willing to accept the drop of the current drag.