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Skinning Keys (continued)

Resource strings: You can translate the text rendered by ADF Faces components. The text is abstracted out as a resource string that can be skinned. For example, af_dialog.LABEL_OK is a resource string for the text label of an af:dialog component when the OK button has been configured. Resource strings are not skinned in the CSS skin file, but in a resource bundle referenced from the skin definition file in trinidad-skins.xml by using the <bundle­name> parameter. You can also use the <translation-source> parameter for an EL binding to point to a Map or Resource Bundle.

Selectors with style properties: Skinning properties enable you to customize the rendering of a component throughout the application. A CSS property is stored with a value in the Skin object and is available when the component is rendered. For example, in af|breadCrumbs{-tr-show-last-item: false}, the skin property -tr-show-last-item is set to hide the last item in the af:breadCrumbs navigation path.