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Building Custom Skins

The following Web page lists and describes all selectors for skinning ADF Faces components:

Consult this document for the skinning keys defined for each component and for global keys.

To build a custom skin:

1. Create a .css file that uses the skinning keys to style the icons, properties, and styles in your application. Store the .css file under the root directory of your Web application.

2. Make accessible all the resources required for the skin, such as images or other .css files.

3. Create a trinidad-skins.xml file and register your custom skin by giving it an id, family, render-kit-id, and resource bundle. Place the trinidad-skins.xml file in the WEB-INF directory or into the META-INF directory of a JAR file.

4. Set the <skin-family> element in the trindad-config.xml file either to your skin family name or to an expression that evaluates to that name.