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How Skinning Works

The syntax in a skin style sheet is based on the CSS3 specification. However, many browsers do not yet adhere to this version. At run time, ADF Faces converts the CSS to the CSS2 specification.

Skins act on the entire application. You can also customize individual components. You can adjust the look and feel of any component at design time by changing the style-related properties, inlineStyle and StyleClass. Any style-related property you specify at design time overrides the comparable style specified in the application skin or CSS for that particular instance of the component.

The inlineStyle attribute is a semicolon-delimited string of CSS styles that can set individual attributes, for example, background-color:red; color:blue; font-style:italic; padding:3px. The styleClass property is a CSS style class selector used to group a set of inline styles. You can define the style classes by using an ADF public style class; for example, .AFInstructionText sets all the properties for the text displayed in an af:outputText component.