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oracle adf workshop


Creating Data-Bound Graphs

ADF data visualization components provide extensive graphical and tabular capabilities for visually displaying and analyzing data. Both ADF graphs and ADF gauges render graphical representations of data. However, graphs (which produce more than 50 types of charts) allow you to evaluate multiple data points on multiple axes in a variety of ways. Many graph types assist in the comparison of results from one group against the results from another group. In contrast, gauges focus on a single data point and examine that point relative to minimum, maximum, and threshold indicators to identify problems.

Each ADF data visualization component needs to be bound to data before it can be rendered because the appearance of the components is dictated by the data that is displayed. When you create a graph, you can choose from 18 graph components, all of which use the same graph engine. Each simplified graph component represents a single commonly used graph type. You cannot change the graph type of a simplified graph component. However, a simplified graph component has the attributes and child tags that allow you to customize the specific graph type that the tag represents.