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oracle adf workshop


Exploring Task Flow Strategies

By modeling the use cases, you begin to understand the kinds of UI pages that are required to implement end-user requirements. At this point, you can begin to design the flow of your application. In a Fusion Web application, you use ADF task flows instead of standard JSF navigation flows. Task flows provide a more modular and transaction-aware approach to navigation and application control. Like standard JSF navigation flows, task flows contain mostly viewable pages. However, instead of describing navigation between pages, task flows facilitate transitions between activities. Apart from navigation, task flows can also have nonvisual activities that can be chained together to declaratively affect the page flow and application behavior. For example, these nonvisual activities can call methods on managed beans, evaluate an EL expression, or call another task flow. This facilitates reuse, as business logic can be invoked independent of the page that is displayed.