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Getting and Setting Bound Data


Getting and Setting Bound Data

1. The value change is detected by a ValueChangeListener event that is defined on the CoreSelectOne component. ValueChangeListeners is explained later in the course. For now, all you need to know is that the source of the event is passed into the backing bean method within the valueChangeEvent object.

2. The value of the selected item returns the index of the selected list box item. This information can be used to access the ADF binding layer to obtain additional information, which may be different from the actual display value.

3. The list is bound to the SupplierView1 collection (or View Object in ADF BC parlance). This collection is bound to an iterator binding in ADF from where you can get the row of the selected value.

4. In this example, you access the row through the selected list index to demonstrate how to obtain information from the binding layer based on information obtained in the View. Normally, values displayed in Faces are synchronized with the binding layer, so that you can call rw = iter.getCurrentRow();.

5. Call getAttribute() on the Row object to get a specific value.