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Configuring ADF Binding Access for Managed Beans


Configuring ADF Binding Access for Managed Beans

There is no automatic relation between a managed bean and the ADF binding object. This is different from Struts, where DataAction always had a reference to the binding container. For ADF Faces and JSF managed beans, to get access to the ADF binding, the “bindings” object must be configured as a managed property.

BindingContainer is the interface; this is a best practice in coding. If you need to access a specific implementation, such as DCBindingContainer, you need to cast the BindingContainer object to DCBindingContainer.

Note that there are two BindingContainer classes available in ADF. If you do not use oracle.binding.BindingContainer, you get an ADF Faces run-time error that says that the page definition file cannot be instantiated.