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The Invoke Application phase manages any forms that the page submits and executes any business logic.  It also processes any action events that are fired and evaluates any navigation actions that need to execute.


JSF Request Life Cycle: Invoke Application

In the Invoke Application phase, the JSF controller invokes the application to handle Form submissions. The component values have been converted, validated, and applied to the model objects, so you can now use them to execute the application’s business logic.

In this phase, you also get to specify the next logical view for a given sequence or number of possible sequences. For this, you define a specific outcome for a successful Form submission and return the outcome. For example, if the outcome is successful, move the user to the next page. For this navigation to work, you have to create a mapping to the successful outcome as a navigation rule in the faces-config.xml file. After the navigation occurs, you move to the final phase of the life cycle.