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Task Flow and ADF Life Cycle


Task Flow and ADF Life Cycle

Task flows associated with ADF regions are initially refreshed when their parent page is first displayed. The task flow’s bindings are refreshed based on the Refresh and RefreshCondition attributes. Regions, like popups, that are not initially displayed are also initialized at page startup. You can use a task-flow router activity to defer region initialization.

An ADF region initially refreshes when the parent JSF page on which the region is located first displays. To execute the ADF task flow at the same time that the region renders, you must trigger a task flow binding refresh at the same time that the region renders.

During the initial refresh, any binding parameter values for the ADF region task flow are passed in from the parent page. The parameter values are used to display the initial page fragment within the ADF region. If the ADF-bounded task flow relies on input parameter values that are not available when the page is first created, ensure that your task flow behaves correctly if the input parameter values are null. An ADF region task flow binding can be refreshed again based on one of the following task flow binding attributes:

Neither Refresh or RefreshCondition attributes specified (default)



If the ADF region task flow binding does not have parameters, Refresh="ifNeeded" is equivalent to not specifying the Refresh attribute. If you set Refresh to ifNeeded, the RefreshCondition attribute should not be specified.