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ADF Model Data Control Concepts


ADF Model Data Control Concepts

The Oracle ADF Model layer uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) configuration files to drive generic data-binding features. Data controls abstract the implementation technology of a business service by using standard metadata interfaces to describe the service’s operations and data collections, including information about the properties, methods, and types involved.

At design time, visual tools such as JDeveloper can leverage the standard service metadata to simplify binding UI components to any data control operation or data collection.

At run time, the generic Oracle ADF Model layer reads the information describing your data controls and bindings from appropriate XML files and implements the two-way “wiring” that connects your UI to your business service. This combination enables three key benefits:

You write less code, so there are fewer lines to test and debug.

You work the same way with any UI and business service technology.

You gain useful run-time features because you do not have to code them yourself.