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DataBindings.cpx File


DataBindings.cpx File

The DataBindings.cpx file is created in the UI project the first time you drop a data control usage onto a Web page in the HTML visual editor. The .cpx file defines the Oracle ADF binding context for the entire application and provides the metadata from which the Oracle ADF binding objects are created at run time. When you insert a data-bound UI component into your document, the page will contain binding expressions that access the Oracle ADF binding objects at run time.

The DataBindings.cpx file appears in the /src/view directory of the UI project folder. The child elements have the following usage:

The <pageMap> element maps all the UI URLs and the corresponding pageDefinitionUsage name. This is used at run time to map a URL to its pageDefinition.

The <pageDefinitionUsages> element maps a PageDefinition usage (the BindingContainer instance) name to the corresponding pageDefinition definition. The ID attribute represents the usage ID. The path attribute represents the full path to the page definition.

The <dataControlUsages> element declares a list of datacontrol names (short names) and the corresponding paths to the datacontrol definition entries in the dcx or xcfg file.