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ADF Model Overview


ADF Model Overview

In the Model layer, Oracle ADF Model implements the JSR-227 service abstraction called the data control. Data controls abstract the implementation technology of a business service by using standard metadata interfaces to describe the service’s operations and data collections, including information about the properties, methods, and types involved. Using JDeveloper, you can view the information as icons that you can then drag onto a page. JDeveloper then automatically creates the bindings from the page to the services. At run time, the ADF Model layer reads the information that describes your data controls and data bindings from appropriate XML files and implements the two-way connection between your UI and your business service.

Oracle ADF provides out-of-the-box data control implementations for the most common business service technologies. Using JDeveloper and Oracle ADF together provides you with a declarative, drag-and-drop data binding experience as you build your user interfaces. Along with support for ADF application modules, the ADF Model also provides support for the following service technologies:

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) session beans and JPA entities


Web services


CSV files