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Application Module in the Data Control Palette

The application module data control is one of the several data control implementations supplied with Oracle ADF. It acts as a thin adapter over an application module pool that automatically acquires an available application module instance when a request is made. During the current request, the application module data control holds a reference to the application module instance on behalf of the current user session. When the request is completed, the application module data control releases the application module instance back to the pool. Importantly, the application module component directly implements the interfaces that the binding objects expect for data collections, built-in operations, and service methods. This allows the bindings to work directly with the application modules and the VO instances in its active data model. Specifically, this optimized interaction allows:

Iterator bindings to directly bind to the default row set iterator of the default row set of any VO instance

Action bindings to directly bind to either of the following:

Custom methods on the application module’s client interface

Built-in operations of the application module and VOs