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The Heart of ADF: ADFm

The key aspect of the ADF Model is the implementation of the JSR-227 specification, which provides the interface between the Business Services layer and the UI layer.

The ADF Model, also known as ADF data binding, was introduced in JDeveloper 9.0.5. Previously, you defined the binding between your client and your Business Services. For example, you used ADF BC JavaServer Pages (JSP) tags to bind a text field in a JSP to a View Object (VO) attribute. The ADF Model introduces another layer of abstraction; instead of binding the client to the Business Services, you bind the client to the model, and bind the model to the Business Services.

The ADF Model describes the middle-tier data model to the client. This description has the same metadata format for any business service type.

JDeveloper helps to create data-bound user interfaces with the ADF Model by using:

Drag-and-drop data binding

Data control wizards

Binding editors

Page-definition editing