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Bindings Sections

There are three types of binding objects used to bind UI components to the objects on the data control:

Value: Displays data in UI components by referencing an iterator binding. Every discrete UI component on a page that displays data from the data control is bound to a value binding object. Value binding objects include:

Attribute Values: Binds text fields to a specific attribute in an object (also referred to as an attribute binding)

List: Binds the list items to all the values of an attribute in a data collection

Tree: Binds an entire table to a data collection and can also bind the root node of a tree to a data collection

Button (Boolean): Binds a check box to a Boolean value for an attribute

Graph: Binds a graph directly to the source data

Method Action: Binds command components, such as buttons or links, to the custom methods on the data control. A method action binding object encapsulates the details about how to invoke a method and what parameters (if any) the method expects.

Action: Binds command components, such as buttons or links, to built-in data control operations (Commit or Rollback) or to built-in collection-level operations (Create, Delete, Next, or Previous)

Collectively, the binding objects are referred to as control bindings because they work with the UI controls on a page.