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oracle adf workshop


Creating View Objects with Polymorphic View Rows: Defining Subtypes in the Data Model

After you set up the VO hierarchy, you need to define the list of VO subtypes that participate in the view row polymorphism. To accomplish this, do the following:

1. Add an instance of the base VO in the hierarchy to the data model of an application module. In the example, it is the PersonListVO VO. With this instance selected, click Subtypes.

2. In the Subtypes dialog box that appears, move the desired VO subtypes that you want to participate in view row polymorphism from the Available list to the Selected list, and click OK. In the example, you select EmployeeListVO and CustomerListVO.

When you run the application module in the Business Components Browser, you should see that the rows display different attributes depending on the value of the discriminator column.