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Creating a View Object with Polymorphic Entity Usage

To create a VO with polymorphic entity usage, perform the following steps:

1. Create a VO based on the base entity of the inheritance hierarchy. On the Entity Objects page of the Create View Object wizard, select the entity usage in the Selected list and click Subtypes.

2. In the Subtypes dialog box that appears, move the desired entity subtypes from the Available list to the Selected list, and click OK.

3. On the Attributes page, select the attributes that you want to include in the VO, and then continue to create it. Only the common attributes are available for selection.

When you create a VO with polymorphic entity usage, JDeveloper adds information about the allowed entity subtypes into the VO’s XML file, as in PersonListVO.xml, which was created in the following example:

<AttrArray Name="EntityImports">

<Item Value="model.entity.CustomerEO"/>

<Item Value="model.entity.EmployeeEO"/>


So at run time, the VO displays rows from the base entity and all the included subtypes.