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Setting the List UI Hints


Setting the List UI Hints

Before you close the List of Values dialog box, click Edit List UI Hints to open the List UI Hints dialog box. These settings provide information that defines how the list should appear in the UI. Note that the default list type indicates a Choice List display style. You use this default list type for this simple example. There are other types of list controls that you can use within your own applications.

In the Display Attributes section, select the DepartmentName attribute from the Available list and click the Add (right-arrow) button to add it to the list of Selected attributes. This selection indicates that you want the user to see the department name, rather than the department number, in the list.

You should also specify whether a selection is required, and if not, how you want users to be able to select a null value. For the required selection of a department number, select Do Not Include "No Selection" Item from the “No Selection” Item list.