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oracle adf workshop


Creating the View Criteria

A view criteria you define enables you to specify filter information for the rows of a view object collection. The view criteria object is a row set of one or more view criteria rows, whose attributes mirror those in the view object. The view criteria definition comprises query conditions that augment the WHERE clause of the target view object. Query conditions that you specify apply to the individual attributes of the target view object.

The key difference between a view object row of query results and a view criteria row is that the data type of each attribute in the view criteria row is String. This key difference supports query-by-example operators and, therefore, allows the user to enter conditions such as “OrderId > 304,” for example.

The Edit View Criteria dialog box allows you to create view criteria and save them as part of the view object’s definition, where they appear as named view criteria. You use the Query page of the overview editor to define view criteria for specific view objects. Additionally, view criteria have full API support, and it is, therefore, possible to create and apply view criteria to view objects programmatically.