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Custom Java Component on a Framework Extension Class


Basing Custom Component on a Framework Extension

If your component requires a custom Java class, you open the Java page of the component editor and select the appropriate check box to enable it. For example, when you enable a custom application module class for the YourServer application module, JDeveloper creates the appropriate class. It also updates the component’s XML component definition to reflect the name of the custom component class.



ComponentClass="com.yourcompany.yourapp.YourServiceImpl" >

<!-- etc. -->


JDeveloper also updates the component’s custom Java class to modify its EXTENDS clause to reflect the new custom framework base class.

package com.yourcompany.yourapp;

import com.yourcompany.fwkext.CustomAppModuleImpl;

public class YourServiceImpl extends CustomAppModuleImpl {

/**This is the default constructor (do not remove) */ public YourServiceImpl() {} // etc. }