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Defining a Binding Container: Page Definition Files


Page Definition Files

The page definition file is created automatically the first time you create a binding on a page. Alternatively, if you select “Go to Page Definition” for a page that does not currently have a page definition, you are prompted to create the page definition file. Page definition files are named <pagename>PageDef.xml. If you rename a page definition file, you must also change the name of the file in DataBindings.cpx.

A page definition file includes the following elements:

<parameters>: Defines page-level parameters that are EL accessible. These parameters store information that is local to the page request.

<executables>: Defines the list of items (methods and iterators) to execute during the prepareModel phase of the ADF page life cycle. The execution is performed in the sequence listed in the <executables> section, depending on the item’s refresh and refreshCondition attribute values.

<bindings>: Refers to an entry in <executables> to get the collection from which bindings extract or submit attribute-level data.