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Setting Run-Time Configuration Parameters

When you create a project in JDeveloper that uses the JSF technology, a starter web.xml file with default settings is created for you in the /WEB-INF folder. To edit the file, double-click web.xml in the Application Navigator to open it in the XML editor.

You must configure the following in web.xml for all applications that use JSF and ADF Faces:

JSF servlet and mapping: The javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet servlet that manages the request processing life cycle for Web applications using JSF to construct the user interface

ADF Faces filter and mapping: A servlet filter to ensure that ADF Faces is properly initialized by establishing an AdfFacesContext object. This filter also processes file uploads.

ADF resource servlet and mapping: A servlet to serve Web application resources (images, style sheets, JavaScript libraries) by delegating to a ResourceLoader

The JSF servlet and mapping configuration settings are automatically added to the starter web.xml file when you first create a JSF project. When you insert an ADF Faces component onto a JSF page for the first time, JDeveloper automatically inserts the configuration settings for both the ADF Faces filter and mapping and the resource servlet and mapping.