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Examining the Binding Context

All the bindings used by a particular page or form are grouped in a binding container. In general, there is one binding container per page or form.

The binding context encompasses the data controls and data bindings of an application; it is the handle through which the client accesses the data binding layer. The DataBindings.cpx file maps each page to its page definition file and the data controls it uses. It lists all the data controls that are in use. Each binding context, binding container, and data control has its own metadata file.

Note that ADF BC is different from other data controls in that it does not have a Data Controls definition file. It uses the application module .xml file instead, and instead of the Structure definition file, it uses the view object .xml file. However, if you use data controls other than application modules in your ADF BC application, such as data controls that are created from JavaBeans, a DataControls.dcx file exists in the application.