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Finding Data Controls at Design Time: adfm.xml

One additional metadata file that is related to the data binding is adfm.xml in the \adfmsrc\META-INF directory of the UI project.

The adfm.xml file in the UI project is used at design time by the Data Control Palette to locate DataBindings.cpx and also to locate the DataControls.dcx file, if there are data controls in the project other than the ADF BC data controls.

Example of the syntax for the UI project:

<DataBindingRegistry path="oracle/storefront/ui/DataBindings.cpx"/> <DataControlRegistry path="oracle/storefront/ui/DataControls.dcx"/>

The adfm.xml file for the Model project contains the paths to the .jpx and .xcfg files for the project.

Example of the syntax for the Model project:

<BusinessComponentProjectRegistry path="oracle/fod/storefront/StorefrontModel.jpx"/> <BusinessComponentServiceRegistry path="oracle/fod/storefront/uiview/common/bc4j.xcfg"/> <BusinessComponentServiceRegistry path="oracle/fod/storefront/entity/common/bc4j.xcfg"/>