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Registering Data Bindings: Databindings.cpx

The data bindings registry file includes the following elements:

<pageMap>: Maps all user interface URLs and the corresponding pageDefinitionUsage name. This map is used at run time to map an URL to its pageDefinition.

<pageDefinitionUsages>: Maps a PageDefinition usage (BindingContainer instance) name to the corresponding pageDefinition definition. The id attribute represents the usage ID. The path attribute represents the full path to the page definition.

<dataControlUsages>: Declares a list of datacontrol (shortnames) and the corresponding path to the datacontrol definition entries in the .dcx or .xcfg file.

Example of the syntax:


<page path="/oracle/storefront/ui/pages/CheckoutConfirm.jsff"




<page id="oracle_storefront_ui_CheckoutConfirmPageDef"