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Data Control Files

Data control files abstract the implementation technology of a business service by using standard metadata interfaces to describe the service’s operations and data collections, including information about the properties, methods, and types involved. In an application that uses business components, a data control is automatically created when you create an application module, and it contains all the functionality of the application module. Developers can then use the representation of the data control displayed in JDeveloper’s Data Controls panel to create UI components that are automatically bound to the application module. At run time, the ADF Model layer reads the information describing the data control files and bindings from appropriate XML files and implements the two-way connection between the user interface and the business service.

In an ADF Business Components application, the data control implementation files are within the application. The application module and view object XML component descriptor files provide the references for the data control. These files, with the bc4j.xcfg file, provide the necessary information for the data control.