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oracle adf workshop


Examining Metadata File Hierarchy

The slide illustrates the hierarchical relationship of the XML metadata files that you may work with in a Fusion Web application that uses an ADF BC application module. The hierarchy consists of:

Oracle ADF data control files: The model project of an ADF BC application contains the application module and view object XML component descriptor files. These files, with the bc4j.xcfg file, provide the information for the data control.

Oracle ADF data binding files: The UI project contains DataBindings.cpx, which defines the ADF binding context for the application and maps each page that uses an ADF data binding to its page definition file. The page definition file maps each attribute or method binding on the page to a binding control.

ADF Faces and Web configuration files: The UI project contains the web.xml file, which is required in a Java Web application. It is a deployment descriptor that defines everything about your application that a server needs to know and also plays a role in configuring the Oracle ADF data binding by setting up ADFBindingFilter. The adfm.xml file specifies the location of the DataBindings.cpx file. The faces-config.xml file is a standard application configuration resource file for a JSF application, but the ADF Faces-specific configuration and the main unbounded task flow definition is, by default, contained in adfc-config.xml. Additionally, there are XML files for each bounded task flow definition.