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Deployment Testing for Production


Deployment Testing for Production

After you deploy the application, you can test it from the application server. To test run your application, open a browser window and enter a URL:

For Oracle AS: http://<host>:port/<context root>/<page>

For Faces pages: http://<host>:port/<context root>/faces/<page>

Note: /faces has to be in the URL for Faces pages. This is because JDeveloper configures your web.xml file to use the URL pattern of /faces to be associated with the Faces Servlet. The Faces Servlet does its per-request processing, strips out the /faces part in the URL, then forwards to the JSP. If you do not include the /faces in the URL, then the Faces Servlet is not engaged (because the URL pattern doesn’t match). Your JSP is run without the necessary JSF per-request processing.