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Deployment Testing During Development


Deployment Testing During Development

JDeveloper enables you to create an instance in any compatible Oracle WebLogic Server installation (which could be the integrated server) as a test environment to simulate the production server. This enables you to specify a full WebLogic Server instance to use as your primary run-time environment for development within JDeveloper. You can configure the environment with the services you are using, so that you can exactly simulate your production server for testing.

In JDeveloper there is one Application Server instance that you can leave running, and each run operation deploys and runs the application in that Application Server instance. This mode allows for complete configuration of the server, and is recommended for developers who are building SOA applications. At the same time, you retain the productivity features of the integrated server for application development, such as implicit starting/stopping, automatic deployment, in-place editing, and more.

You can configure WebLogic Server instances for development testing in the Run dialog box for Application Properties (Tools > Application Properties >Run).