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Running Ant on Buildfile Targets


Running Ant on Buildfile Targets

You can run Ant on buildfile targets in one of the following ways:

On targets in the project buildfile: A project can contain several Ant buildfiles, but one can be designated as the project buildfile. You can configure the Run Ant toolbar button and drop-down menu to give easy access to the project buildfile’s targets.

From the Structure window when editing an Ant buildfile: When an Ant buildfile is open in an XML source editor, its targets are listed in the Structure window and can be run.

From external tools that you define: Use the Create External Tool Wizard to define menu items and toolbar buttons that make Ant targets. The projects that external tools act on need not be open in JDeveloper.

Running Ant on Project Buildfile Targets

To select and configure a project buildfile, go to the Ant project properties page (choose Tools > Project Properties).

You can run Ant on targets in the project buildfile in one of the following ways:

From the toolbar Run Ant drop-down menu, choose a target.

From the toolbar, click Run Ant without invoking the drop-down menu.

From the main menu, choose Build > Run Ant on <Project>.

If you use one of the last two methods, Ant makes (compiles) the project’s designated default target.