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Creating an Ant Buildfile in JDeveloper


Creating an Ant Buildfile

Ant buildfiles are XML files, and as such can be maintained by using JDeveloper XML editing tools. Buildfiles use a target tree to define various tasks. A target is a set of tasks to be executed, such as compiling or packaging into JAR files for distribution. Targets may have dependencies on other targets as defined in the tree.

To create a buildfile, perform the following steps:

1. Select a project in the Applications Navigator.

2. Select File > New from the menu.

3. In the New Gallery, expand the General category and select Ant, and then select Buildfile from Project in the items list. Click OK.

4. In the Create Buildfile from Project dialog box, specify the file name and directory, and optionally indicate if you want this to be the project buildfile. Click OK.

5. The buildfile opens in the editor with some default targets, along with a Component Palette of Ant-related elements that you can add to the XML file.