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Creating a Connection to an Application Server


Creating a Connection to an Application Server

Before you can use the JDeveloper built-in deployment utility, you must create a connection object. The deployment wizards use this connection to build the deployment archives and physically copy the deployment files to the target environment.

You start the process by right-clicking the IDE Connections node in the Application Server Navigator (View > Application Server Navigator) or in the Resource Palette and selecting New Application Server Connection. This launches the Create Application Server Connection Wizard. You can also launch the wizard from the New Gallery.

Enter the required information into the wizard such as:

Connection name

Connection type (WebLogic 10.3, Tomcat 6.x, WebSphere Server 6.x or JBoss 4.x)

Administrative username and password for the application server

Host name and RMI port

Before leaving the wizard, be sure to visit the Test page of the wizard and click Test to ensure that the connection functions correctly. The application server must be running in order for the connection to be successful.