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Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Domain (continued)

If you are extending an existing WebLogic domain for Oracle ADF, rather than creating a new domain, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Start the Configuration Wizard by choosing Oracle WebLogic > WebLogic Server 10.3 > Tools > Configuration Wizard from the Windows Start menu.

2. In the Welcome page, select Extend an existing WebLogic domain and click Next.

3. In the Select a WebLogic Domain Directory page, select the location of the domain you want to configure for ADF, and click Next.

4. In the Select Extension Source page, select “Extend my domain automatically to support the following added products:”, then select Application Development Framework and click Next.

5. In the Customize JDBC and JMS File Store Settings page, leave No selected to update the domain as specified in the template and click Next.

6. In the Extend WebLogic Domain page, enter the domain name and location and then click Extend.

7. Click Done when the configuration has finished.

8. After you have extended the domain, check the POST_CLASSPATH entry to make sure that setDomainEnv is set to the correct location, which should be ORACLE_HOME\jdeveloper\modules\features\adf.share_11.1.1.jar.This configures the rest of the run-time .jar files using the manifest file.

Note: Your application’s EAR file must have a weblogic-application.xml file containing a reference to the shared library.

You can now start the Oracle WebLogic Server by running the command-line script <ORACLE_HOME>\user_projects\domains\domain_name\bin\startWebLogic.cmd and stop the server using the stopWebLogic.cmd script in the same directory.

Access the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console by using the URL http://localhost:7001/console.