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Creating and Configuring the WebLogic Domain


Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Domain

You need to create and configure a WebLogic domain to accept ADF applications. If you do not already have a domain, you need to create a new domain. If you already have a domain, you must extend the domain before it can run ADF applications.

To create a new WebLogic domain configured for ADF, perform the following steps:

1. Start the configuration by choosing Oracle WebLogic > WebLogic Server 10.3 > Tools > Configuration Wizard from the Windows Start menu.

2. In the Welcome page, select Create a New WebLogic Domain and click Next.

3. In the Select Domain Source page, select “Generate a domain configured automatically to support the following products:”, then select Application Development Framework and click Next. The option WebLogic Server (Required) is already selected.

4. In the Configure Administrator Username and Password page, enter the username and password and click Next.

5. In the Configure Server Start Mode and JDK page, select whether the domain is for a development or a production system, choose the JDK to use, and click Next.

6. In the Customize Environment and Services Setting page, select No when asked to customize further domain options and click Next.

7. In the Create WebLogic Domain page, enter the name and location of the new domain and click Create.

8. Click Done when the creation process has finished.