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oracle adf workshop


Creating an EAR Deployment Profile for an Application

To create the application-level EAR deployment profile, perform the following steps:

1. Invoke the Application Properties dialog box, select Deployment, and click New (or from the Application menu select New and use the New Gallery > General > Deployment Profiles > EAR File).

2. Choose the archive type (EAR) and give the profile a name.

3. Edit the profile that you just created.

4. In the EAR Deployment Profile Properties dialog box there are several options that you can specify for the EAR file. At a minimum, you should select the Application Assembly node from the tree, and then select the modules to include in the EAR. The example in the slide shows the selection of the WAR file that was previously created for the UI project, but you typically would be deploying multiple modules that compose an application.