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Creating a WAR Deployment Profile for the UI Project

You create a new deployment profile for a UI project by selecting Deployment Profiles and WAR File from General category of the New gallery, or by modifying project properties and creating a new deployment profile. After you give the profile a name, JDeveloper launches the WAR Deployment Profile Properties dialog box.

The default setting for the profile selects all of the client JSP code, in the example, and all of the ADF BC components. When deployed, the profile creates both .war and .ear files. The .war file contains the JSPs and the ADF BC components, whereas the .ear file contains the deployment descriptor files.

You should specify a context root for the application, because the one supplied by default is rather lengthy, and the component root becomes part of the URL for accessing the application.

To create a WAR deployment profile, perform the following steps:

1. For the project that contains your user interface, invoke the Project Properties dialog box, select Deployment, and click New (or select the project and use the New Gallery > General > Deployment Profiles > WAR File).

2. Choose the archive type (WAR) and give the profile a name.

3. Edit the profile that you just created.

4. Specify a short and descriptive Web Context Root.