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Configure ADF Security Wizard: Choosing the Identity Store


Choosing the Identity Store

The next page of the Configure ADF Security Wizard enables you to choose the type of repository to store the user and role information for authentication purposes. You can choose either an XML file or a directory service:

Application XML: You configure user and role information within JDeveloper by using the editor for the jazn-data.xml file.

LDAP: You configure the identity store outside of JDeveloper. If you choose this option, the next page of the wizard enables you to specify connection information for the LDAP identity store.

The Oracle Identity Management and Single Sign-On (SSO) Infrastructure is the primary enterprise identity management solution of choice with which to associate ADF applications. However, the ADF security framework must not be dependent on or require the Oracle Identity Management infrastructure. In the absence of Oracle Identity Management, user management and authentication can be performed against the system-jazn-data.xml user repository, mostly for small-scale applications or for development and testing purposes. This provides a lightweight developer-focused environment that integrates seamlessly with the ADF Security Framework.