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Securing Row Data (Entity Objects or Attributes)


Securing Row Data (Entity Objects or Attributes)

Entity objects that you secure restrict users from updating data on any Web page that renders a UI component bound by an ADF binding to the data accessed by the secured entity object. Additionally, when you secure an entity object, you effectively secure any view object in the data model project that relies on that entity object. As such, entity objects that you secure define an even broader access policy that applies to all UI components bound to this set of view objects.

To enforce row-level security checks on entity objects or their attributes, perform the following steps:

1. Invoke the editor for the entity object.

2. Select either General (for the entire entity object) or Attributes in the tree at the left.

3. If you selected Attributes, select the attribute on which to define security.

4. In the Security section of the page, select the check boxes for the operations on which to enable security.

Alternatively, you can right-click the Entity Object in the Application Navigator and select Edit Security.