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Securing Individual Pages (Page Definitions)


Granting Permissions on Individual Pages

The permissions you can grant for an ADF page definition can control if the authenticated user can view the page. Later JDeveloper releases enable you to specify additional permissions.

Page definitions are secure by default when ADF Security is enabled. However, page-level security is not checked within bounded task flows. If a developer intends to have a higher-security page within a bounded task flow, the developer must include that page in a nested task flow.

To define security for a page, perform the following steps:

1. Open jazn-data.xml and select the Web Pages tab in the overview editor. This displays all pages for which there are page definition files.

2. In the Web Page Definition column, select the page.

3. In the Granted to Roles column, click Add and select the previously defined application role.

4. In the Actions column, select the action you want to grant to the role.