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Specifying Task Flow Return Options (continued)

Only task flows that begin a transaction can commit or roll back the transaction. Also, a task flow that always begins a transaction (the new-transaction option) must specify resolution of the transaction (either commit or rollback) on all of its task flow return activities’ outcomes. It is invalid for the task flow to return without resolving a transaction it started.

If you want changes made within the called ADF bounded task flow to be discarded when it is exited, you can specify the restore-save-point option on the task flow return activity. If restore-save-point is true when the task flow is exited, the ADF controller rolls back to the previous ADF Model savepoint that was created when the ADF bounded task flow was entered. The restore-save-point option applies only to cases when an ADF bounded task flow is entered by joining an existing transaction (either the requires-existing-transaction or requires-transaction option is also specified) and a savepoint is created upon entry.