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Transaction Support Features of Bounded Task Flows


Transaction Support in Bounded Task Flows

Transaction options on the called task flow definition specify whether a called ADF bounded task flow should join an existing transaction, create a new one, or create a new one only if there is no existing transaction.

Savepoints: ADF creates a savepoint when a task flow is entered with an existing transaction. The savepoint is a snapshot of the model state at the time the task flow was entered. The savepoint enables the model state to be restored to what it was at the time the task flow was entered.

If the called ADF bounded task flow is able to start a new transaction (based on the transaction option that you select), you can specify whether the transaction is committed or rolled back when the task flow returns to its caller.

In a called task flow definition, you can specify two different return task flow activities that result in either committing or rolling back a transaction in the called ADF bounded task flow.

You can enable users to save the state of the UI and model at any point and come back to it later.

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