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Enabling Explicit Save for Later


Enabling Explicit Save for Later

To enable explicit save for later, you must incorporate a call to the createSavePoint() API to create a savepoint. The save-point-id saves data and state information about a region, view port, or portlet. Later, you use the Save Point Restore activity to restore application state and data associated with a save-point-id.

A save-point-id is stored in a database table or Java object cache, depending on the value you have specified for the savepoint-manager configuration option (discussed later in this lesson.) When save-point-id is restored, it is deleted from the database or Java object cache.

To add save for later capability to a task flow, perform the following steps:

1. Drag a method call activity from the ADF Task Flow page of the Component Palette to the diagram for the ADF bounded task flow.

2. In the diagram, select the Method Call activity.

3. In the Common page of the Property Inspector, enter an ID for the method, for example, callCreateSavePoint.

4. In the method field, enter an EL expression for the savepoint method, for example, #{controllerContext.currentViewPort.createSavePoint}. If you created your own method to call createSavePoint, enter that method name instead (see the example that follows this list of steps).