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Enabling Transactions on a Task Flow


Enabling Transactions on a Task Flow

Before you begin, you should have two task flows. One calls the second ADF bounded task flow using a task flow call activity.

To enable an ADF bounded task flow to run as a transaction, in the called ADF bounded task flow, you specify a transaction option that defines whether or not a new transaction will be created when it is called. You also define a task flow return activity that specifies an outcome upon return to the caller. To accomplish this, perform the following steps (1–4 specify transaction start options, whereas 5–8 are transaction return options):

Transaction Start Options

1. In the Application Navigator, double-click the called ADF task flow to open it in the editor.

2. In the Overview tab for the called ADF bounded task flow, click Behavior and expand the Transaction section.

3. Choose one of the following from the transaction drop-down list (if you do not choose any item, the called ADF bounded task flow does not participate in any transaction management):

requires-existing-transaction: When called, the ADF bounded task flow participates in an existing transaction already in progress.