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Restoring Savepoints

Restoring a save-point-id returns the end user back to the part of the application where the ID was created and restores the application state. Use the Save Point Restore activity to restore a previously persistent savepoint for an application.

When a savepoint is restored, the ADF controller terminates the saved application and restarts the application that was executing when the end user performed a save. The end user’s original location in the application is displayed. After the save-point-id is restored, it is deleted from its method of persistence (database or Java object cache).

A Save Point Restore activity is not required within every individual application supporting save for later capabilities. It is only required within the applications responsible for restoring the previously persistent save-point-id. For example, a Save Point Restore activity would not be required within a Create Expense Report application, but would be within the application used to select previously saved Expense Reports for further updates.