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Enabling Implicit Save for Later

Implicit savepoints are generated only if a critical task flow is present in any of the page flow stacks for any view port under the current root view port. An implicit savepoint is not generated if the request is a request for an ADF Controller resource, such as:

Task flow call activity

Task flow return activity

Save Point Restore activity

A dialog

Implicit savepoints are deleted when the task flow at the bottom of the stack completes or a new implicit savepoint is generated, whichever comes earlier.

If you want an implicit save for later to occur when the session times out, the user logs out without saving the data, or the user closes the only browser window, you can select the Critical check box on the Behavior panel of the Overview tab for the task flow definition, or set Critical to true on the Behavior panel of the Property Inspector. You must also set an attribute in the adfc-config.xml file, as described later in this lesson.

If multiple windows are open when the implicit savepoint is created, a different save-point-id is created for each browser window. This includes everything from the root view port of the browser window and down. To return a list of implicitly saved savepoints, you can use controllerContext.savePointManager.listSavePointIds.