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Defining Response to the Back Button (continued)

If the task-flow-reentry property of the task flow is set to reentry-outcome-dependent, then a property of the task flow return activity determines whether the user can use the Back button to navigate back to the called task flow. On the Behavior tab of the task flow return’s Property Inspector, you can set the Reentry property to reentry-allowed or reentry-not-allowed. This enables you to specify a different response to the Back button depending on the outcome that is returned to the calling task flow.

When an end user reenters an ADF bounded task flow by using the browser Back button and reentry is allowed, the value of a managed bean on the reentered task flow is set back to its original value—the same value that it was before the end user left the original task flow.

This results in the managed bean value resetting back to its original value before a view activity in the reentered task flow is rendered. Any changes that occurred before reentry are lost. To change this behavior, specify the <redirect> element on the view activity in the reentered bounded task flow. When the end user reenters the bounded task flow using the Back button, the managed bean has the new value from the parent task flow, not the original value from the child task flow that is reentered.