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Defining Response to the Back Button

To deal with cases in which the end user clicks the Back button to navigate back into an ADF bounded task flow that was already exited, you can specify the following task-flow-reentry options for the task flow definition that specify whether a page in the ADF bounded task flow can be reentered:

reentry-allowed: Reentry is allowed on any view activity within the ADF bounded task flow.

reentry-not-allowed: Reentry of the ADF bounded task flow is not allowed. An end user can still click the browser Back button and return to a page within the bounded task flow. However, if the user does anything on the page such as clicking a button, an exception (for example, InvalidTaskFlowReentry) is thrown indicating the bounded task flow was reentered improperly. The actual reentry condition is identified upon the submit of the reentered page.

reentry-outcome-dependent: Reentry of an ADF bounded task flow using the browser Back button is dependent on the outcome that was received when the same ADF bounded task flow was previously exited via task flow return activities. For example, a task flow representing a shopping cart can be reentered if the user exited by canceling an order, but not if the user exited by completing the order. Upon reentry, ADF bounded task flow input parameters are evaluated using the current state of the application, not the application state existing at the time of the original ADF bounded task flow entry.